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  • Cement tube mold to develop greater influence in international shopping malls

    The overall benefit of domestic cement pipe mould manufacturing has not yet developed to a level, and the basic effect in the national economy is not significant. In order to change the above situation, domestic mould making should have a greater impact in the world, and the combination of professional skills and resources must be strengthened.

    Views:40 PostDate:2018-01-31
  • Classification and characteristics of cement pipe making machines

    Concrete classification of cement pipe making machine, including suspension machine and centrifugal machine. When it comes to the hanging Kun machine, it is one of the most common and crucial machines.

    Views:39 PostDate:2018-01-31
  • Basic maintenance of cement pipe making machine

    In the production process of cement machinery, cement pipe machine plays a very important influence, so it is long selected. Of course, when we choose to use, we must pay attention to the basic maintenance of the pipe making machine, so as to ensure that our pipe making machine can be used for more lasting operation.

    Views:40 PostDate:2018-01-31
  • The main characteristics of LJC vertical extrusion cement pipe making machine

    Vertical extrusion cement pipe making machine has high production efficiency: compared with other pipe making processes, the single production efficiency is 15-22 knots/hour according to the pipe diameter.

    Views:40 PostDate:2018-01-31
  • Pressure mode of cement pipe making machine

    The pressure mode of cement pipe making machine is one side, one impact type, brick material is pressed from one side in the brick pressing machine, one impact, the other is double-sided pressure type, the pressure process is segmented.

    Views:40 PostDate:2018-01-31
  • Cement products machinery run-in period should pay attention to matters

    Things have a run-in period, the newly purchased car with you have a run-in period, with you hand in hand through the wind and rain of life,

    Views:42 PostDate:2018-01-31



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